Ways to give

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Planned giving

Planning carefully how to give can greatly increase the satisfaction you derive from your contributions. Many contributors decide to continue their lifetime of giving to The First Church of Christ, Scientist through bequests – gifts made in their wills or living trusts. Others have made the Church the beneficiary of life insurance, retirement accounts, or a certificate of deposit. You might even choose to make a gift that reserves lifetime income to you or a family member and then benefits the Church in the same manner as if you had made a bequest. Such gifts reward contributors with important tax savings and other financial benefits. By tailoring the form of your gift to fit your individual and family situation, you can gain maximum tax rewards, maintain financial security, and make a truly meaningful contribution to our core activities.


Ways of establishing planned gifts

There are a number of different ways to make a planned gift to The Mother Church. Below is a list of the different ways or vehicles that allow you to make a planned gift. There is helpful information about each vehicle, and its benefits.


What you can give and how to give it

Below is a list of all the different assets that you can give. There is helpful information about each type of asset and the benefits of giving that type of asset. There are also directions for making a donations.