For Assistance with Transfers of Gifts from Estates and Trusts

Contact our team:

Diane Bradbury
Estates & Trust Officer
(617) 450-3205

Aneta Nilsen
Estates, Trusts & Real Estate Officer
(617) 450-3251

Mailing  Address for Estates and Trusts:
The First Church of Christ, Scientist
Office of the Treasurer
210 Massachusetts Avenue, P02-02
Boston, MA 02115  

Tax ID # Number:  04-2254742

For Gifts to:
The Christian Science Monitor is an activity of The Christian Science Publishing Society, formed by Mary Baker Eddy under a Deed of Trust dated 1898, and shares The Mother Church's 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and Tax ID # 04-2254742
The Mary Baker Eddy Library operates as a department of The Mother Church, under the Church's 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and Tax ID# 04-2254742.