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Endowment Fund for The Mother Church

The Mother Church Endowment Fund, though not altogether new, is based on a concept formulated in 1975 by The Christian Science Board of Directors – that of building up “uninvadable reserves” of the Church.

For branch churches, societies, and Christian Science associations

Many Branch Churches, Societies, and Christian Science Associations have benefited by establishing Irrevocable Trusts with The Mother Church. By creating these types of trusts, it is possible to provide for income generated by investments that are screened for their compatibility with Christian Science.


Many Foundations have consistently considered grant requests or offered support to further The Mother Church’s benefit to humanity and enriching the human spirit. The Church’s Board of Directors is committed to wisely stewarding these funds.

Executors, trustees, estate attorneys, and advisors for The Mother Church

Please see the following listing of the financial assistance team and advisors for The Mother Church.

Tax information

View The First Church of Christ, Scientist tax identification number as well as information and guidelines provided by The Mother Church.

Frequently asked questions

Please see the following Frequently asked questions about issues such as Per Capita Tax and who can I contact about establishing a Charitable Gift Annuities for The Mother Church.

Mary Baker Eddy’s philanthropy

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, was an avid philanthropist. Interestingly, she also established a few planned gifts of her own. Eddy drafted her will with one of the best attorneys in Boston at the time.

International Trusts

The following is a listing of the international trusts located in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and South Africa.