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Many individuals with a desire to support the Cause of Christian Science have considered continuing their lifetime support for The First Church of Christ, Scientist through their wills, revocable living trusts or other estate plans. If an estate plan is already in place, it is a simple process to add a charitable bequest by amending your will or trust. If you don’t have a will, please consult your attorney to discuss your estate plan needs. You can structure a bequest to the Church in ways that may both support the Church, and at the same time afford tax benefits.

Please review our standard bequest language when considering adding bequests to the Church in your estate plan. A copy of our standard bequest language is provided as page 3 of this information sheet.

Charitable bequests may take various forms. Here are examples of what other individuals have done:

Outright (specific) bequest. This is a gift of a particular amount of money or item of property. (For example: “I bequeath $25,000 to The First Church of Christ, Scientist.”)

Residuary bequest. The residue of an estate is the amount remaining after all specific bequests have been distributed; the exact amount will not be known until the final accounting is completed. The residue may pass as a percentage bequest. (For example: “I give one-third of the residue of my estate to The First Church of Christ, Scientist.”)

Contingent bequests. You can name a secondary beneficiary to receive property in the event the primary beneficiary is not alive. (For example: “I bequeath $10,000 to my [spouse], but if he has predeceased me, I direct the $10,000 be paid to The First Church of Christ, Scientist.”)

Creative will options. A charitable remainder trust can be established under your will to provide lifetime income for family members, with the remainder passing to the Church when the trust ends. Your estate would be entitled to a charitable deduction for the value of our right to receive the property in the future. You also can leave funds or securities to the Church, and we will agree to provide a charitable gift annuity to a relative or friend for life.

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Planning considerations

Many members and friends have provided for support of The First Church of Christ, Scientist through a will or living trust.

How to proceed

If you are interested in providing for the Church in your will or codicil, we would be pleased to assist you and answer your questions.

Bequest and successor trustee language

Below is a listing of the bequest and trust language that should be used by your attorney when creating a gift for The Mother Church. Please use the corresponding language of the property you wish to give.