Charitable remainder trusts

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A charitable remainder trust provides an opportunity to establish a gift for The Mother Church, and at the same time provide for family and loved ones.

In a charitable trust arrangement, you contribute a minimum of $150,000 to fund a trust for the ultimate benefit of the Church as well as lifetime income for you, a spouse, or other loved ones. The Christian Science Trustees for Gifts and Endowments act as the trustee. Additional benefits could include:

  • An immediate income tax deduction is available when you create a qualified charitable remainder trust during your life. The amount of the deduction will depend on the ages of the income beneficiaries and the amount of the payments they are to receive, generally 5% of the trust value, and re-valued annually.
  • You can transfer stocks or other appreciated property to the trust without losing anything to capital gains taxes or net investment income taxes on your paper profit.
  • You can choose between fixed payments (an annuity trust) or a variable income plan (the unitrust). In many cases, your income may be favorably taxed.
  • The cost of settling your estate may be minimized, and there may be estate tax advantages.
  • The trust you establish to benefit the Church can be considered part of one’s general financial planning, such as meeting your own goals for making gifts to the Church, providing for a spouse or loved one, and as part of one’s planning for retirement income.


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Planning considerations

Individuals who have included, or plan to include, bequests to The First Church of Christ, Scientist in their wills or living trusts often are better advised to accelerate their bequests through a charitable remainder trust (CRT)...

How to proceed

If you are interested in arranging a charitable remainder trust, please e-mail, call or write our office. We will help you determine the following.


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