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Branch Church, Society and Association Trusts with The Mother Church
Many Branch Churches, Societies, and Christian Science Associations have benefited by establishing Irrevocable Trusts with The Mother Church. By creating these types of trusts, it is possible to provide for income generated by investments that are screened for their compatibility with Christian Science.

Examples of benefits include:

  • A regular income for the Branch Church, Society, or Christian Science Association.
  • Simplicity and ease of investment management for assets. The Mother Church has broad historical experience and ability to invest and manage trust assets effectively, carefully, and professionally.
  • The Branch Church, Society or Association’s membership continues to make a meaningful demonstration of financial support for its activities, balanced with and supplemented by annual income from the trust.
  • While irrevocable, under certain circumstances, these trusts may allow for access to distributions from the trust principal to provide for the continuity of Association or Church activities.
  • Virtually all Branch Churches, Societies and Associations set aside funds that are intended to ultimately come to The Mother Church when they disband. The trust structure is the ideal vehicle to support an Association or Church financially during its lifetime, but also provide for a simple distribution process to The Mother Church at the time of disbanding.
  • A significant, eventual gift to The Mother Church.

We welcome inquiries from the board, clerk or treasurer of branch churches and associations at any time. Please contact us by email at, or by phone at 800-288-7155 ext. 3288.

Tax Information
Your Branch Church, Society, and Christian Science Association tax questions may be answered by information and guidelines provided by The Mother Church:

General Donations

For questions with regard to general donations to The Mother Church and its activities, please email us at

Donations from Branches, Societies, and Associations may be sent to this address:
The First Church of Christ, Scientist 
Treasurer - PO Box 239103
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